Don't mess with the Scorpio

9 Reasons You Shouldn’t Mess With Scorpio…

    Few zodiac signs can be quite as fierce as the Scorpio – especially when they are provoked. With friends they tend to be loyal creatures – but cross them and you will definitely feel their wrath. Here are seven reasons you really shouldn’t mess with the Scorpio.

    #1: They don’t take sh*t. From anyone.

    Scorpios won’t stand by idly whilst someone attacks or tries to take advantage of them.

    Tough and strong

    They’re anything but a pushover and if you try to walk over them they will eat you up for dinner.

    #2: They have a sixth sense for recognizing weakness.

    Not only will Scorpio retaliate when provoked – but they know exactly where your weak spots are too.

    Scheming Scorpio

    They have a sixth sense for detecting weakness and if crossed they aren’t afraid to use it against someone.

    #3: They can hold a mean grudge.

    Lets just say Scorpios aren’t exactly big on the philosophy of ‘forgive and forget’. When they are wronged they can hold a grudge for a seriously long time.

    Strong man

    They find it hard to simply move on like nothing has happened and instead will start plotting their revenge!

    #4: They’re not afraid to be brutally honest.

    Scorpios can be vocal as hell and they don’t mince their words when they’ve got something that they need to get off their chest.

    Brutally honest Scorpio woman

    For this reason it’s probably best to stay on their good side. If they think you’re playing them for a fool they wont be afraid to straight up say it.

    #5: When they attack they don’t hold back.

    When the Scorpio retaliates – the go right in. They’re more than capable of giving someone a dose of their own medicine.

    Scorpio attacking

    Just like the Scorpion that represents them their sting can be vicious – so watch out.

    #6: They can see right through deception and mind-games.

    Scorpios are infamous for noticing basically everything. They’re able to pick up on deception and manipulation while others remain oblivious.

    Observant Scorpio

    Underestimating their ability to read people would be very unwise. Not much gets past this sign.

    #7: They’re fiercely protective of their tribe.

    Messing with one of Scorpio’s loved ones is basically as bad as messing with them.


    They’re fiercely protected of friends and loved ones and will stick up for them when they need defending.

    #8: They just don’t give up or back down.

    The Scorpio personality is not the type to give up easily. They’ll fall down only to get right back up and keep on with their mission.


    Throw abuse their way and you’ll be answering to one of the most resilient signs in the zodiac.

    #9: They can pierce your soul with their stare alone.

    Scorpios are a master at the death stare. Often it’s all that they need to put a person in their place.

    Scorpio death stare

    Should you spark their rage then they’ll stare right into your soul in a way that can send chills down your spine.

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