The Scorpio Man

6 Revealing Traits Of The Scorpio Man…

    The Scorpio man is ambitious as hell and a real force of which to be reckoned with. He can be passionate and sincere, but he also hides his inner chaos with a charming smile. To get a better understanding of what these men are really all about, here are six revealing traits of their personality!

    #1: Scorpio men are intense lovers who take their relationships seriously.

    If you aren’t serious about a relationship with the Scorpio man, walk away. They do not like people who play games with their emotions and will sting if crossed.

    The Scorpio man is a serious lover

    Be clear about what you want and don’t be surprised if he bolts when treated unfairly. He values longevity in relationships and has a goal of staying the course.

    #2: Scorpio men don’t appreciate fake compliments and flattery.

    If you want to pay the Scorpio man a compliment then it should be genuine. He can sniff out bullshit and dishonesty with ease, and he can’t stand people being fake with him.

    Scorpio men don't like fake flattery

    Give it to him straight and he will always appreciate your honesty. He is mature enough to hear the truth, even if it aint pretty, so just give it to him straight!

    #3: The Scorpio man’s loyalty is fierce to those in their inner circle.

    If the Scorpio man counts you as a friend then they will always have your back, no matter what. Friends and loved ones always come first for these men.

    The Scorpio man is fiercely loyal

    It might take a while to gain their trust and they can be quite selective about who they give it to. But once you’re there, there isn’t much that they wouldn’t do to help you out.

    #4: The Scorpio man is a natural leader who knows how to take charge of a situation.

    Men born under the sign of Scorpio can often be found in places of high authority due to their talent for leadership and making tough decisions.

    Scorpio man leading the pack

    They have a “take charge” approach to life and often feel most comfortable when they are in control and calling the shots.

    #5: The Scorpio man is sensitive even though he hides it well.

    Scorpio men can be more sensitive then people realize and sometimes they can really take negativity to heart. However unless you know them really well, you might never see this side of them.

    The sensitive Scorpio man

    They are masters at putting on a brave front even when stuff is eating them alive inside. They’re just wary about who they trust with those kind of things.

    #6: Scorpio men are ambitious as hell with a plan to take over the world.

    The Scorpio man has high aspirations and an eagerness to achieve great things in life. Their willingness to take charge and dive headfirst into things often helps them to get ahead in life.

    Ambitious man

    They think and dream big and when they set their sights on something you better believe that they wont stop until they get it.

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