Why Scorpio is misunderstood

5 Reasons Scorpios Get Misunderstood…

    Sometimes the Scorpio can be hard to figure out. For a number of reasons they can often be misinterpreted by others and taken the wrong way. Here are five of the top reasons why Scorpio is often misunderstood.

    #1: They have a naturally mysterious air to them.

    Scorpios can be rather mysterious in their ways making them hard to really fit into any particular box. They’re so secretive that it often leads to people reading them wrong.

    Mystery man

    This same quality though can also make them all the more intriguing to people – leaving them wondering what the hell the Scorpio is really thinking.

    #2: They don’t reveal everything all at once.

    When you first meet the Scorpio they can put up a wall and be careful about what they reveal. They’re careful about who they let in and take time to open up to a person.

    Woman with a secret

    They can also suffer in silence when they’re having problems and find it hard to reach out for help. When sh*t hits the fan they can be so good at hiding it that nobody is any the wiser.

    #3: They tend to be introverts who can come across as extroverts.

    The Scorpio personality can be confusing at times with their ability to seem like massive extroverts whilst feeling quite introverted on the inside.

    Dancing Scorpio

    Sometimes this split personality can even baffle the Scorpio themselves.

    #4: They don’t think along linear lines.

    It can be hard to predict what the Scorpio is thinking just because they are such abstract thinkers.

    Deep thinking

    They have a unconventional way of seeing the world that can sometimes be hard for other signs to comprehend.

    #5: They have several sides to their personality.

    Scorpios are like a puzzle – they have many pieces to them. And each of those pieces can be quite different from one another further adding to their mysterious vibe.

    The Scorpio puzzle

    They can be one person one day and then a whole different person the next. It all just depends on what kind of mind-frame they are in at the time.

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