Scorpio negative traits

5 Negative Traits Of The Scorpio…

    As much as they might not like to admit it – the Scorpio sign isn’t perfect. And like all signs, they possess a darker side that can sometimes drive people a little bit insane. Here are five negative traits of the Scorpio sign.

    #1: They can find it hard to let go of grudges and resentment.

    When it comes to moving on from a major argument – well, that’s not really something Scorpios do well.

    Holding a grudge

    They can find themselves stewing endlessly after a big fight and fantasizing about seeking revenge.

    #2: They can really toy with your head.

    Scorpios can be scarily good at mind games when it comes to dealing with people they dislike.

    Playing mind games

    Never try to play the Scorpio or chances are – they’ll end up playing you.

    #3: They can suffer from a mean case of envy.

    It’s a badly kept secret that the Scorpio zodiac sign can have a bit of a jealous streak.


    Whether it’s over money, love or anything else – sometimes they just can’t help but be hit by the green monster known as envy.

    #4: When they lose their cool… they really lose it.

    When the Scorpio snaps – they don’t hold back. They can reaching a breaking point where they just explode with emotions and rage.

    Losing temper

    When they lose their cool it’s often best to vacate the building away because carnage is inevitable.

    #5: They can be overly obsessive at times.

    Being passionate is one thing but sometimes Scorpio can take things to an almost unhealthy level of obsession.

    Scorpio obsession

    When they find themselves becoming overly fixated on something it can help to take a step back and look at the bigger picture.

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