Scorpio Facts

8 Scorpio Facts That Explain Them Perfectly…

    The Scorpio zodiac personality has many sides to it and those born under this sign can be quite complicated and hard-to-understand. But never fear, here are eight Scorpio facts that should shed some light on how these creatures think and operate!

    #1: Scorpios are generally super nice and they try to get along with everyone.

    Scorpios are super loyal and make for some of the best friends in all of the zodiac. If you want someone in your life that will go the extra mile when necessary then look no further than the Scorpio.

    Friends At The Beach

    They generally try to be nice to everyone. That is unless you to try to cross them… then all bets are off!

    #2: Scorpios brutal side will come out if you provoke them.

    The Scorpio is symbolized by the Scorpion for a reason… if provoked they will STING.


    They’re not one to back down when challenged and they’re masters at holding a grudge and delivering revenge. Think twice before you decide to mess with this one.

    #3: There’s no doubt about it: Scorpios are intense.

    For better and for worse Scorpios are intense in all aspects of their life. They ooze a natural passion for everything they do and make for some of the most fiery lovers in all of the zodiac.


    It’s something that can make people either really love or hate them… either way the Scorpio just keeps doing their thing.

    #4: Scorpios don’t quit. Period.

    Scorpios have a notoriously high threshold for pain and they have the mental strength to keep on pushing long past others have given up.


    When they put their mental energy towards something they can be downright fearless in their approach. Never doubt their ability to achieve what others say is impossible!

    #5: Scorpios have a serious temper on them.

    Sometimes a Scorpio will find themselves losing their cool without them even realizing it’s happening. Those who have been caught in the cross-hairs of one of their outbursts will attest to their ferociousness.

    Getting Angry

    The Scorpio can go from being chilled one moment to aggressive real fast and when they’re in a bad mood it can sometimes be best to just keep some distance and let them be.

    #6: Scorpios tend to be very selective about who they befriend.

    Those born under the Scorpio sign are picky about their friends and who they they allow into their inner circle.

    Scorpio And Friends

    They’ve often got trust issues of some kind and feel most at home when they are around people they know they can trust.

    #7: Scorpio doesn’t take love lightly.

    The Scorpio doesn’t like to half-ass anything in life and love is no exception. They take commitment seriously and if they do commit to someone they go ‘all in’ and put 110% into the relationship.

    Scorpio In Love

    They commit everything they’ve got into making sure that the relationship is a success refusing to leave things up to chance.

    #8: Scorpios are complicated.

    At the end of the day Scorpios are many, many things and it can be kinda hard for other zodiac signs to fully understand them at times. One moment they can be hot, the next they’re cold… hell, even Scorpio can have a hard time figuring themselves out.


    They have crazy personalities that can seem very all-over-the-place at times and like something of an enigma. Love ’em or hate ’em one thing is for sure though: they definitely make life more interesting!

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