Scorpio obsessions

5 Obsessions Of The Scorpio…

    One of the best ways to get a better understanding of the Scorpio is to take note of the things that they are most obsessed with. By doing so you’ll get a better grasp of what it is that makes them tick. Here are five common obsessions of the Scorpio sign.

    Obsession #1: Food.

    If you want a surefire way to get on the good side of the Scorpio then appeal to their stomach by offering them a meal.

    Food obssession

    They love indulging in a gluttonous feast and are a big fan of anyone who can cook.

    Obsession #2: Winning.

    Scorpios are so determined and ambitious that winning practically runs in their DNA.


    When their competitive spirit kicks in they get tunnel vision big time. Coming out on top just gives them such an adrenaline rush!

    Obsession #3: Mystery.

    Life is too bland if you always know what’s coming next. Which is exactly why Scorpios are drawn to the mysteries of the universe.

    Mysterious magic

    They love trying to figure out all of the secrets in life that they weren’t supposed to know about.

    Obsession #4: Making money.

    Scorpios are bonifide hustlers who love counting their earnings after a solid day of work.


    The only thing they enjoy more than counting their dough – is spending it!

    Obsession #5: Compliments.

    There are few things that Scorpio enjoys more then a genuine and well thought out compliment.

    Stylish Scorpio

    Be honest and tell them what you dig about them and they wont be able to get enough!

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