Seriously Scorpio problems

7 Ridiculously Relatable Scorpio Problems…

    Being born under the Scorpio sign aint always easy. In fact, they often face some pretty tough challenges that can make their life rather difficult. Here are seven problems that all Scorpios can relate to.

    #1: They fall for people out of nowhere.

    When Scorpio falls for someone they tend to fall so hard and fast that they don’t even realize that it’s happening until it’s too late. One moment they’re fine – the next they’re infatuated.

    Smitten Scorpio

    They can becoming so intoxicated by their feelings for someone that they find it hard to think of anything else!

    #2: They’re so independent that they refuse to ask for help.

    Whilst their sense of independence is definitely one of their strengths – they can find it hard to reach out for help when they really need it.

    Focus and determination

    They just hate feeling like they owe people something and will only ask for support as a last resort.

    #3: Their emotions can be confusing.

    The emotions of the Scorpio can be a little bit confusing at time. Their trust issues lead them to put up a wall and hide how they are really feeling.

    Vocal outburst

    For this reason they can often be misunderstood by others – particularly those who don’t know them very well.

    #4: When someone crosses the Scorpio they just can’t let it go.

    Scorpios find it hard to just ‘forgive and forget’ after someone has wronged them. After a bitter feud they can end up holding a grudge for years.

    Seeking revenge

    If you’re going to cross a Scorpio then you better have a good escape plan.

    #5: They hate waiting around and can get quickly impatient.

    Being patient isn’t exactly one of the Scorpios strong points. When delays occur they can become infuriated by the boredom of it all.

    Impatient woman shrugging

    Be careful not to keep them waiting too long or they may just leave without you!

    #6: They can be so brutally honest that they offend people without realizing.

    When the Scorpio has something on their mind they like to just put it right out there.

    Offensive Scorpio

    Sometimes they do this in such a brutally honest way that they offend people without even realizing that they’re doing it.

    #7: Sometimes they just feel straight up anti-social.

    Scorpios definitely have their up and downs. When they’re feeling good they’ll be loud and vibrant but on their down days they can feel like running away from the world.

    Secretive Scorpio

    Don’t take it personally if they seem reclusive or anti-social – they’re probably just having one of those days.

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