Signs you're a massive Scorpio

9 Signs You’re A Massive Scorpio…

    There are many distinct traits and characteristics that make the Scorpio sign unique. If you’ve ever wondered just how much of a Scorpio you or a loved one is, then wonder no more – here are nine sure-fire signs that you are a massive Scorpio.

    #1: You don’t play for second place.

    When a Scorpio sets their sights on something – they play to win. They have a rather fierce competitive streak which often helps them to get ahead in life.

    Scorpios are winners

    Anyone planning on competing against them should prepare long and hard – because Scorpio wont go easy on them!

    #2: People say you’re “intense”.

    Scorpios can come across as quite intense due to their sheer focus and determination.

    Fierce intensity

    Their tendency to obsess over whatever they are currently working on can be quite surprising to those who don’t know them well and can take some getting used to.

    #3: You take time to open up to people.

    Scorpios can be rather guarded and defensive – so don’t be surprised if they take time to open up to you.

    Unimpressed woman

    They can be extremely loyal once you have earned their trust – but until then they can put up a wall and be quite secretive in their ways.

    #4: You hate rules. Period.

    The Scorpio sign isn’t excactly the most well-known for their willingness to take orders and follow the program mindlessly.

    Rule breaker

    They have their own ideas about what they want out of life and no amount of bossing them around will change that.

    #5: You get cut deep by acts of betrayal.

    One of the reasons Scorpios tend to be so cautious and wary about opening up is simply they get deeply hurt by acts of betrayal.


    The Scorpio can the the nicest person in the world – but if you backstab them – all bets are off.

    #6: You’re highly suspicious of basically everything.

    Scorpios are naturally suspicious beings who are skeptical about pretty much everything. They try to avoid relying on gossip and hearsay and would rather seek out the truth.

    Suspicious woman

    If you wish to convince them of something that sounds far-fetched then you’ll need a whole lot of evidence to change their mind.

    #7: You can be brutally honest at times.

    When a Scorpio has something to say to somebody – they don’t like to beat around the bush. They just come right and tell you the brutal honest truth.

    Loud vocal woman

    Sure, it can get them in trouble from time to time but at least you’ll always know where you stand with them.

    #8: You like your alone time.

    It’s not that Scorpios don’t enjoy good company and conversation – but sometimes they just need to get away from the chaos of the world to take some time out.

    Wary Scorpio

    Don’t get offended if they wander off to be by themselves for a while – they just need to recharge their batteries.

    #9: You are driven by your passions.

    One thing is for sure: Scorpios are never short on passion. When they become interested in a new pursuit – they don’t just dip their toes in – they dive right in the deep end.

    Passionate Scorpio

    This intense and fiery passion for their pursuits often proves to be quite contagious too. Don’t be surprised when other’s are drawn towards the Scorpio for this reason.

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